We take CSR Funding to provide the learning experience for the under privileged children in any specified area based on the interest of the donor. We work with the Govt. schools and low income private schools in India to develop the skilled minds.

In Person sale

We are also provided individual kits to the parents who want their child to explore a different way of learning. All the related services will be provided for the same. By this we aim to aware the parents and children about the benefits of activity based learning and the ease of learning through ABL.

School Management

School which has motivated PTA or the management can also approach us to have the product and services of Ginger Lab. Projects can be customized based on the requirement related to syllabus, Services etc.


Sarga Through this program we provide a full year hand on learning equipments to each student in classroom. These kits enable the students to experiment and experience individually each concept which are aligned to their curriculum. All the service part along with the assessments is included in this program. Pratheeksha The demo program provides a permanent installation of 85 demo models with the self based on the requirement from the school. The training for teachres, assessments and mainatance for 4 years are included in this project Kutuka This is a Pilot program for one month for the understanding of benefits pof ABL . This include trainings, self activity booklet and assessments for the installation of long term projects. Chinda This is a program which are preferred to be installed after Sarga or Kutuka. Comic toons with the trainings and assessments will be included in this project to foster the thinking process of a child. Each set grade will get 20 concept cartoons which has concepts discussed related to the curriculum.