Our Services

Teacher Training

We provide training for teachers, HM and educators for planning and execute activity based learning in classrooms. We also provide a full time support for certain programs adopted by the donor in schools to fulfill the aim of the intervention.

Direct Intervention

We give a complete intervention where Ginger lab PL will conduct the activity based learning classrooms throughout the year where teachers will be an observer. Both demo and activity base programs are included in this service.


ABL is a different type of methodology. To understand the impact we need to travel in a different pathway. As we promise a growth of 15% in conceptual clarity through ABL methodology, Ginger lab has their own way to evaluate the parameters of Fun, engagement, conceptual clarity, creativity and innovation. There are multiple layers of assessments, which will be conducted throughout the intervention period.

Volunteer engagement

Employee engagement program provides opportunities for employees of organizations to proactively involve in ginger lab school interventions as well as activity based learning pedagogies. From 90 minutes to 3 hours employee engagement programs are available for the employees which will be utilized for the betterment of under privileged children.